10 Oct 2010

Cross country fixtures

Hi Everyone here are the cross country fixtures for 2010/2011

30th of October:

North Wales League race 2 Bangor

Birmingham cross country league race1 Leamington (incorporates midland womens league)

6th of November

North Staffs League race2 Park Hall Country Park, Weston Coyney.

13th of November

North Staffs league race3 Stafford Common.

27th of November

North Wales League race3 Wrexham

Midland 7 and 5 mile championships

4th of December

Birmingham cross country league race2 Birchfield

Midland Womens race2 Birchfield

11th of December

County Cross country Championships Lilleshall Hall Sports centre

North Staffs cross country league race4 Westwood High school, Leek

15th of January 2011

Birmingham cross country League race3 Coventry

Midland Womens league race 3 Sphinx

22nd of January

North Wales league race 4 Lilleshall hall sports centre

29th of January

Midland Cross Country Championships, Newbold Common, Leamington

5th of Febuary

North wales Cross country race 5 Oswestry

12th of Febuary

Birmingham Cross country league race 4 Rugby and Northampton

Midland Womens League race 4 Bournville

19th of Febuary

National Cross country Championships



http://domain1998670.sites.fasthosts.com/index.htm North Staffs league



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