23 Nov 2011

London Marathon

London Marathon

Telford Athletic Club have 3 guaranteed places for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon. These are available for fully paid up club members 11/12, first priority will be given to those members who have applied for a marathon place for the 2012 London Marathon and have been rejected. If there are more than 3 names will be drawn 'from a hat'. If there are still places remaining they will be available for club members who have not already applied for a marathon place but would like to run. Again if there are more wanting a place than there are places available names will be drawn 'from a hat'.

Members who are interested should contact Paul Sanderson

( jpsanderson_tac@hotmail.com or 0771 534 7587 ) before Friday 9th December 2011. The draw if required will be held done by TAC officers on Saturday 10th December. Entries have to be sent to the Virgin London Marathon by 13th January 2012.

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