29 Mar 2012

Sexarathon 2012 Dates

LILLESHALL 5M (measured) 
Wed 18th April 7pm
A new course, all on roads and pavements from Lilleshall National Sports Centre TF10 9AT.

PHOENIX FLYER (Dawley) 5KM (approx) 
Wed May 16th 7.30pm 
A fast, flat grass course from Phoenix Sports Centre TF4 3DZ

THE SHROPSHIRE 4ml (approx) 
Wed. May 30th 7.30pm 
On the tracks & paths of Granville Country Park, from The Shropshire Golf Club TF2 8PQ

IRONBRIDGE 4ml (approx) 
Wed. June 27th 7.30pm 
A race through the historic Ironbridge Gorge from the Tontine Hotel TF8 7AL

Wed. July 18th 7.30pm
A re-measured, flat fast road course in Telford Town Park from Telford Rugby Club TF4 3NZ

Harper Scarper 5KM 
Wed. September 5th 7pm 
On paths and roads from Harper Adams Agricultural College TF10 8NB

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